Skull Hunter

John Gates is an isolated detective spinning out of control in a cerebral vortex of hell and pain as he tries to uncover the buried links between his past cases. To reveal the deep seated corruption amongst his collegues – risking his friends, job and sanity – John gambles with his family to bait in the serial killer to his next murder – which John hopes will finally bring about his capture.

Over the last 7 years, Steven Murphy has produced and distributed 3 feature length films independently with his production company ‘Hardwork Films’. This film is his 4th. Having now partnered up with Sollywood Production House, a script has been created that has won over twenty International Film Festival Awards.

We are pitching this project to investors and film companies as we speak, but this kickstarter should really help the project to gain traction and allow the the next phase of production to kick into action.

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